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"Disaster!" at the Pollard Theatre

Hope everyone is ready for a hilarious good time with "Disaster!" at the Pollard Theatre in Guthrie. It opens this Friday, June 7!

"Straight from Broadway, Disaster features some of the most unforgettable songs of the '70s including "Knock on Wood," "Hooked on a Feeling," "Sky High," "I Am Woman", "Hot Stuff" and “I Will Survive” as what begins as a night of boogie fever quickly changes to panic as a casino ship succumbs to earthquakes, tidal waves and infernos. As the night turns into day, everyone struggles to survive ...or at least escape the killer rats."

Justin Fortney, the City of Guthrie's Tourism Director, stopped by the Pollard recently to interview the show's director Matthew Sipress-Banks for the Hit The Bricks podcast. Check out their conversation below:

The show runs through June 29. Get your tickets here!

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