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Guthrie Dining


1624 S. Division St.

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-9PM

Phone: 405.293.6282

Billy Sim's BBQ

Fortune Cookies

215 S. Division St.

Hours: Mon-Sat: 11AM-8PM

Phone: 405.260.8288

China Garden

43879745_2103045863080570_313891663284011008_n (1).jpg

409 W. Oklahoma Ave.

Hours: Tue-Sat: 5AM-10PM

Phone: 405.282.3955

Gage's Steakhouse

mr lu.jpg

2108 S. Division St.

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11 am - 9:30 pm

Phone: (405) 282-8583


112 W. Noble Ave

Hours: Tue-Sat: 4:30AM-10PM Sun: 12PM-7PM

Phone: 405.260.1552

Roma's Italian Restaurant


223 N Division St

Hours: Sun-Thu: 11AM-9PM Fri-Sat 11AM-10PM

Phone: 405.282.0893

Stables Cafe (Tap Room 223)

blue belle.jpg

224 W. Harrison Ave

Hours: Mon-Sat 

Phone: 405.877.3205


2015 E. Oklahoma Ave.

Hours: Mon-Sun: 11AM-9PM 

Phone: 405.260.7646

El Rodeo 


901 N. Wentz St.

Hours: Mon-Sun: 9AM-9PM

Phone: 405.282.4290

Guthrie's Famous Pizza

papa johns.jpg

2822 W. Noble Ave.

Hours: Mon-Sunday 11am-10pm  

Phone: (405) 293-7089


2130 S Division St.

Hours: Sun-Thu: 11AM-9:30PM Fri-Sat 11AM-10PM

Phone: 405.282.2677

Senor Lopez


1320 S. Division St

Hours: Mon-Thu: 10AM-10PM Fri-Sat 10AM-11PM Sun: 11AM-10PM

Phone: 405.282.0893

Taco Mayo

195426423_10158054406726088_6918902383548818398_n (1).png

101 E. Oklahoma Ave

Hours: Mon-Sat: 6AM-9PM 

Phone: 405.282.3777

Boomarang Diner

taco loco.jpg

1612 S Division St

Hours: Mon-Sun

Phone: (405) 889-4696

El Taco Loco


120 W. Cleveland Ave.

Hours: Mon-Sat: 6AM-2PM Sun: 7AM-2PM

Phone: 405.282.2462

Katie's Diner

pollard grocery.jpg

102 E. Oklahoma Ave

Hours: Mon-Saturday 11am-8pm

Phone: (405) 697-4353


1202 S Division St.

Hours: Every Day 6AM-2PM

Phone: 405.282.2677

Simone's Cafe

c&c eatery.jpg

223 S. Division St

Hours: Thu-Sun: 5PM-9PM 

Phone: 405.466.8001

C&C Eatery

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