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The Shoppes - Guthrie, OK

is a pop-up shop park in the center of Guthrie's Downtown Historic District. The Shoppes are meant to be a vibrant community space for our residents to rest, enjoy and host events, and experience the charm of our downtown. At its core, 'The Shoppes' is a retail incubator. We are creating a sustainable, low-risk avenue for start-ups to enter the world of retail operations. Visitors can come and enjoy a diverse retail spot where they can shop for unique goods, order food and enjoy the day with the whole family.


The Shoppes are set to open Spring of 2023

For Visitors

Hours, park features and event details are to come!

For Potential Vendors

If you are looking to start a business or are a current small business owner looking to get a physical location, 'The Shoppes' is the perfect place to break into the world of retail. 

With low up-front and overhead costs, you can build your retail business in Guthrie's vibrant downtown surrounded by tourist attractions and annual events. Through this program, you can focus on your business plan, product, and marketing and worry less about the upfront costs that come with opening a business.

We believe in small business, and we want to help yours grow in Guthrie, OK!

Interested in becoming a vendor?

If you are looking to start a business and would like to become a vendor, fill out the application below and submit it to

117 E Oklahoma Ave. Guthrie, OK 73044

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