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"Break It Easy" in Guthrie!

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Bring your family to Guthrie March 11th-21st and "Break it Easy" for Spring break and back-to-back events at the Lazy E Arena. Guthrie features a wide array of trendy shops, boutiques, diners, dives, parks, entertainment and more for you and your family to explore for your spring getaway! Guthrie shops and lodgings welcome you!

Full Event List:

March Saturdays 13th & 20th

  • Art Classes @ Gallery Grazioso, w/Steve Boaldin, (from PBS show) $30/class, 5:30pm, sign up

March 15th-19th

  • Spring Break!

March 20th

  • The Byron Berline Band bluegrass music show @ Double Stop Music Hall, 121 E. Oklahoma, $15. 282-6646

Lazy E Arena- ( or call 282-3004.)

March 11-13: Cinch Timed Event Rodeo Championship

March 14-18: Bob Feist Invitational Team Roping (BFI)

March 19-21: US Team Roping Winter Classic

Contact Verla 282-2812 or Brittany 282-1947 for info and questions.

Guthrie places (museums, galleries, historic architecture, lakes, parks) and events (music, celebrations, rodeos) to enjoy, restaurants to try, shops to buy unique and useful items, BnB's and hotels in which to stay, all this and more can be perused at!

Cover Art by @Shawn Hancock Illustration & Design.

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