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Guthrie lakes provide a variety of outdoor activities

Spend the weekend (or any day) at Liberty Lake fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, camping, mountain biking, or having a cookout with friends and family.

The day use fee for Liberty Lake is only $3, and click here for more info about exceptions to that, as well as camping and boating fees. If there's no one at the lake office, just drop your use fee in the honor box there. There are also a few lake rules to help everyone have a fantastic time at Liberty.

The Liberty Lake Trail is also a wonderful amenity. Thanks to the monumental work of volunteers, you can hike, run, horseback ride, or mountain bike around the lake! The horses are the kings and queens of the trail, so if you're on foot or bike, make sure you defer to those noble beasts and their riders.

Take special care around blind corners so that all trail users can stay safe and happy. To get to the trailhead, take the main lake entrance, go down to the lake office, pay the use fee, then loop back around the office to the trailhead parking area. For more trail info, head over to the volunteer led facebook and instagram pages.


Guthrie Lake offers a bit of a different feel than Liberty Lake. More of a fishing and cookout type spot. You can still take a boat out on the water, but it has to be wake free (skiing, towing tubes, etc are a no-go). It's also a $3 use fee, which can be dropped in the honor box by the west side boat ramp. Here are the other fees, and here are the rules to keep everyone safe and happy.

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