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Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffees featured on Hit The Bricks Podcast

The Hit The Bricks Crew sat down with Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffees' owner Stacy Brown-Staton to talk about all the amazing products she serves up. Her shop has been a hub of activity in downtown Guthrie for over 12 years, and she's had customers from all over the world stop in for chocolaty goodness. Thanks to Stacy for telling us all about her incredible Guthrie business! Did you know they make more than 150 chocolate and candy products in their kitchen?!

Follow Rick's Fine Chocolates & Coffees on Facebook and Instagram. Watch the video in the window above, or listen to the audio by clicking the player below. As always, you can subscribe to Hit The Bricks on your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Apple, Overcast, etc).

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