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G3 Gravel Bike Race new to Guthrie

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Race 1 of the G3 Gravel Bicycle Series is in the books, and it brought more than 140 riders to downtown Guthrie. Organizers Ray Trammell, Jackson Renshaw, and Barry David stopped by the Hit The Bricks podcast to give a recap of the first race, tell some good stories, and give everyone a heads up on what to expect from Race 2 on October 5 and Race 3 on October 19.

Photo by Angela Cordes

Weather for Race 1 couldn't have been better. The tiny bit of rain was no problem, and the temps were super comfortable all morning.

Photo by Janie Renshaw

Some serious athletes made it out for G3r1, with some solid times on a challenging course. The route took riders from downtown Guthrie southwest on a 62 mile loop to Cashion. Farms, wildflowers, ponds, beautiful backroads, challenging singletrack at Liberty Lake ... a little bit of everything.

Getting across some of the route challenges included a little creativity, including "walking the plank."

Sponsor Stone Brewery was quite the lifesaver about 17 miles before the finish. Cheers!

Don't forget to sign up for the next race on October 5! Can't wait to see what that route entails.

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