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Hit The Bricks w/ The Imaginaries

The newest episode of Guthrie's Hit The Bricks podcast features a really fun conversation with Shane Henry and Maggie McClure, the husband and wife musical duo who make up The Imaginaries. Hear about their experience being on set for the feature film Reagan, filmed here in Guthrie, as well as their upcoming projects and shows.

2020 has been a wild, unprecedented ride for musicians, but Shane & Maggie keep hustling. If you watch the video version of the podcast, you'll recognize an iconic Guthrie scene in one of their new music videos.

If you want to just listen, you can check out the episode on Spotify or just about whatever platform you usually use for podcasts.

In the interview they mention their upcoming concert at the Tower Theatre in OKC on Friday, December 11 ... that show has changed to livestream only, and you can still get tickets, with proceeds going to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

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I was there for very short time.

I want to go back my grand mother was raised in Guthrie from 3 to 15 or 16 years of age.

I want to pictures of her see where she went to school etc if possible.👍🥀

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