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The original Masonic Temple in Guthrie

Did you know that the Masonic Temple in Guthrie isn't the first to be built here? Before the grand structure at Oklahoma and Capitol was constructed, the original was at the NE corner of Harrison and Broad. Built in 1899, it "boasted a larger auditorium, stage and proscenium than the Brooks Opera House, also located in downtown Guthrie. It was fitted with all the modern improvements, including electric lights."

The image below is of the current Masonic Temple in Guthrie. If you haven't been inside, or taken the virtual tour, you're really missing something special!

Check out this location, as well as many more, on the Historical Marker Walking Tour.

(Walking Tour map courtesy of Darren Johnson and Woolpert AEG. Historical photos courtesy of Bob Bozarth. Virtual Tour courtesy of the Guthrie Scottish Rite.)

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